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Window Replacement Tip

The Yellow Pages are full of big ads in the "window" section featuring businesses from large corporations like Pella and Sears to medium-sized local companies that offer full service window replacement. The big ad itself is part of the reason a home owner may consider going another route that involves a little more homework but can save a lot of money.

The drawback to using window replacement companies you find in the Yellow Pages is that you'll be paying for their overhead. Beyond the windows and replacement labor that will actually go towards improving your home, you will be paying for the salesman that comes out and measures the windows and places your order. You also pay for their office, staff and showroom as well as a the costly advertising campaign required to get you to call them in the first place.

  The only way for these businesses to pay for their overhead is by marking up the product and service they sell. As far as the product is concerned, you may have to use one of these companies and pay their mark up, but only for the product not the labor. The main reason is because measuring your old windows to determine the exact size and type of new window is not something you can not afford to get wrong. Being off just one inch or even a half inch can mean a lot of extra labor and materials or even buying another window. The salesman selling the window is usually very accurate and if they make a mistake then their company pays for it.

  The best thing to do is to look for a window manufacturing company in your area. Often they will sell to the public and will send out a salesman to measure the windows and take your order. Their mark up should be less than the window replacement companies that buy from them and several other window manufacturers and then retail them to the public.

   Sometimes when either the outside or interior trim is off and the rough opening is exposed and easy to measure.In this case a homeowner can get their own measurements and simply go to a large home improvement store and shop for the windows they need. This might be the least expensive way to buy windows if the window is a standard type and size.

  Saving on labor is the second part. To pay for their overhead, window replacement companies charge $60 to $100 and more per hour per man for labor. Finding a qualified carpenter or handyman with good references is the way to go because they usually do not have to charge as much because they do not have the overhead.

  Independent contractors often advertise in less expensive places like the want ads or on the internet at Craig's List in the Services Offered/Skilled Labor section. The homeowner looking for a qualified professional can easily place their own ad in the Jobs or Gigs section of Craig's List and expect several responses.

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