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The Cape Cottage

     This project was a real challenge because of the lot. It had a steep slope from the back left corner down to the front right corner. The main floor of this house is actually a daylight basement with the daylight side being the front of the house.

   There are also several features of this house that are a testiment to the creative process that we go through each time we build an original design. For example, on the plan I drew I had intended for the master to go above the main floor but as I was framing it, I realized that it made more sense for it to go over the garage because it was closer to the kitchen and I could put a private deck out the end where there would be a great view of Mica Peak.
   This is a large home with two bedrooms, a laundry room, kitchen, dining room, a bathroom and living room on the main floor. The second level over the garage has a large master suite with a sitting room and the third level has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a T.V. room and the furnace room. The roof on the back of the house is not as steep as the front so that the back wall on the second story is full height.


          The kitchen has always been very important in our houses. Elaine picks everything out and they are always functional and beautiful. The current owners said they bought it because it had the best kitchen of all the houses that they looked at. When they have parties, everyone gathers at the kitchen. Their guest always compliment them on this area.

    Notice how it does not feel like a basement wall, but if you look at the back door you can see the foundation.

     The breakfast nook window was another tricky deal because it is really a basement window. So I turned what is actually window well into landscape feature.

     Before I placed these rocks, I actually put in pond liner at the bottom. I always thought it would great to look out as your having breakfast and seeing a water feature.

            This is the end of the master bedroom that I had intended to put a slider and a private deck on. When I started to build the deck, the neighbor next door came running over and raised a ruckus because it looked out over  his back yard. I got to thinking about it and decided it would be better to just put a door from the master out to the back porch and leave it at that. 

    This house is full of nooks and angles and display shelves. The people who live in the house now are the second owners and so we did not know them until Elaine was out taking a picture of the house from the street. They happened to be home and so she introduced herself. They are very proud of the home and told her that she could show it any time to prospective clients. So a few weeks later when a couple was very interested in a new home we were just framing and wanted to see our finishes, we took them up on their offer.
   That is the couple in the picture on the left. They bought the new home a few weeks later. After he bought it, he told us that they made up their minds after going through the Cape Cottage.

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