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  There are several touches in the living room fireplace ensemble.
The bookshelf doors are custom made with leaded glass and mortissed with wood pinions. Notice also the glass block windows encased in craftsman-style oak trim and specialty lighting above the bookshelves.

  This window seat is in a bonus area in the master suite, the bench is actually a built-in chest complete with redwood lining.

The kitchen has several designer touches. The arched opening over the sink looks out to the living room, while the large passage with the nik-nak shelf above opens to the formal dining

This is another interesting kitchen touch unique to Dearheart. Skylights are nice but they are a pain to clean and repaint.These three cased plexi-glass cieling features take care of those problems. By day they fill the kitchen with sunlight from the skylight hidden above and by night the skylight serves a dual purpose with flourescent lighting attached to the sides of the opening illuminating the room with the flick of a switch.


  The entrance says a lot about the way Craig and Elaine build. Beyond the creative features such as the glass block side lights, the newel posts, the tongue and groove cedar cieling and the crafstman design, the entrance is built with maintenance-free
durabillity in mind. Notice the powder coated wrought iron railing and concrete porch and steps normally only found on high-traffic commercial buildings.


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