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The Bramhall  

  The Bramhall is an interesting story. On the one hand, most of this house is nothing new. It is mostly an ordinary split-entry with a garage under that many builders had been building for years. The original part is the bonus area over the garage that gives the master bedroom much more area and versatility.

   When Craig built the first one while still working with Homestead Construction, no one had seen anything quite like
it. It immediately became Homestead's top seller and several other builders copied the idea and it became the top seller for them as well.

  That was back in the year 2000 and it has been built at least a few hundred times by area builders, but none have done it with the same flair as Craig and Elaine.

   One reason most builders in this price range cannot compare is because they do not do any of the work themselves. Craig is working on the job site from start to finish,building each house one at a time and so he is able to add things like Pergo floors and oak ledges and cabinet crown molding that other builders often don't have time to be bothered with.

   Here is a test to see if other builders put the same thought into their houses. When you go into any other builders model homes in any price range except maybe $600,000 and up, look to see if they have installed any dimmer switches.
   A dimmer switch costs about $15 but it adds so much to almost any room. Lighting at night is setting and a dimmer switch gives a room variable setting. Craig and Elaine even put dimmer switches in their hallways because that is the one common area that might be hurriedly traveled in a moment of personal emergency by any family member at any given time throughout the night. A dimmer switch in the hallway is like a nightlite for the entire household.

  The interesting thing about this fireplace is not the fireplace but the windows on either side. This house was built on a lot that other builders had passed on for years as too difficult, but it turned out not to be and it offered nice views to the north. Often builders in this price range do not customize their spec homes. Craig and Elaine not only added the living room windows but also moved the sink to the corner and added two windows to take advantage of the same view in the kitchen three pictures above.  

   The floorplan above is the one commonly used by other builders except that it has a large entry landing which all split-entries cry out  for. The one below was new variation on the new variation that addresses another big problem with split-entry styled homes. It puts the laundry room upstairs.
   When Wendy and Matt Iris moved into the house below, they invited their cousin, a well-known local builder to their house warming party. He was so impressed, he came back later and measured out the entire house and began building it himself.

   To tour the larger version of The Bramhall click here.




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