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What is The Spokane Valley Scoop?
  •    The Scoop is first and foremost an enjoyable hobby and exercise. Craig believes that every person has something to teach, something that will add to everyone's life. Since he first began journalism school at Baylor, Craig has enjoyed gathering the stories of people's lives.
  •    Furthermore, God gives people different talents and it is up to us to use and develope those talents the best we can. They say that best way to improve at writing is to write and so The Scoop is a rewarding way to continually keep Craig in training as a writer.
  • The Scoop is a bi-monthly newsletter that features an interesting Valley person, often the owner of a well known, longstanding business. The eNewsletter goes out to nearly 1,000 subscribers and the paper version has a distribution of more than 1200.
  • We believe the Scoop is a great way to promote our business. It allows us to make new contacts and stay on people's minds by giving them valuable and interesting content. In addition, the compilation of the stories printed in the Scoop is in a sense a community service. The Scoop archives below are a recorded history of the past and written sketches preserved for the future about life in the Spokane Valley today.

   Here are the profiles that have appeared in in the Scoop. If you have comments or suggestions on interesting future stories, feel free to email us at rock.inn@gmail.com

Table of Contents
Ted Gunning
Denny Blount Nov 2007
Ray Nyholm and the Early Dawn Ice Creamery
Connie Haskins and Haskins Steel
Valley Historian Florence Boutwell and the Naval Depository
Behm's Creamery
Laurence Morgan of Leo's Studio
Dishman Dodge
Louie Falco
Valley Bowl
The Iron Horse
The Brickhouse
Sullivan Scoreboard
Longhorn BBQ Story Part 1
Longhorn story Part 2
Short Longhorn stories
One more short Longhorn story
Tom Rousseau

Bobbie Swanson, Lady builder
The joys of father Hood
More on Dr. Hood
Buelow's 5 & Dime
A to Z Rental
Valley Museum
The White Elephant
George Schillinger
Joey Shalloe
Sally Jackson Part I
sally Jackson Part II
Gary Swanson
Pat Ferraro
Howie Robins and the Percussion-Naut Patriots
Gus Johnson, a Ford man we could not afford to lose 
George Roybal, the roybal treatment
Mel Stenson, Crab Fishernan
Gary Hite's Moving Story
Gary Hite's Really Moving Story

Jenny Hoff
Perry Vinson
Zeke Sawyer
Jeff Baxter
Fred Lopez and The Ref
Justin Lentz and Ink to Media
Josh Johnson and The Valley Current
Ryan Heaton of Senor Froggy
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