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The Maggie Ann

   The Maggie Ann was the first home Craig and Elaine built under their new name Dearheart Design Homes. After building more than 400 conservative, first-time-homebuyer houses with Homestead Construction, they wanted to build a new kind of house.

Their belief is that a house should have it's own  personallity which welcomes and enriches all who reside and visit. The entry shown here is like the smile on the face of a
friendly person that you are always glad to see.

   The open floor plan and high cathederal cieling makes a statement upon entering the front door. It is not a big house but it is full of life and charm.

   When a house is designed and built creatively, it provides the creative home owner with a wonderful background to express themselves and create a living work of art. For the creatively-challenged homeowner, it gives them a chance to enjoy and enhance a setting they could not have come up with otherwise.

The kitchen is the workhorse of the home, and like a Clydesdale it should be beautiful and ready to serve.

    The master bathroom of the Maggie Ann is both attractive and functional. This is where the owners prepare themselves to go out into the world in the morning and get ready for bed at night and so it should help them look and feel their best.

   This private porch off the master bedroom truly makes the room a sanctuary within a santuary. What better way for a couple to end the day than by dimming the light, sipping a glass of wine and discussing the events of the day and planning their tomorrow while enjoying a warm summer's evening.

   From the plan to the finish, The Maggie Ann was a handmade, heartfelt collaboration between Craig and Elaine. Like all houses should be, it is full of creative features and design and it is one of a kind.


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