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The Della Dean

       Our idea behind the "Della Dean" was to create a home for the Last Time homebuyer. Any one can be a Last Time homebuyer, even a First Time homebuyer. The point is that this is a home that the owner will never have to move out of  because the yard is too much work  or there are too many stairs. In fact, there are not even stairs entering the house.
   The Della Dean could easily serve as a multi-generational home by finishing the bonus loft.

     I am a big believer in one-level living and an open, flowing feel to a house. Notice in the drawing above that there is only four feet of hallway and it is wide. The doors are also wide, like they should be in all homes.
    I have built literally hundreds of homes, many of  them were original designs of mine. I can say that this home has recieved the most positive response of any home that I have been involved with.


         This is a garage any man would love. There is about 1150 sq. ft. of space, it has a heated storage area, plumbing for a future half-bath. On the west side there is a gravelled R.V. parking spot with a sewer cleanout conveniently located for dumping. There is ample room for three cars with room left over for a nice work area.
    Above the garage is the bonus room. It is ready to be finished into two nice-sized rooms and a bathroom or left unfinished and be used for storage like an upstairs basement.


    The back patio is a very important part of a home. It is the place friends and family will sit and visit for hours on warm summer days. This one pretty much has everything going for it. It is mostly covered, it is quite large and it is concrete. Notice there is a section against the garage that will always be in the afternoon shade.


            When it is not hot outside it will always be a warm home to entertain folks inside. Elaine always chooses beautiful lighting and colors as well as tiling patterns and flooring. The Della Dean's open, flowing feel is achieved in part with the wood floor that the runs through the entry, dining room, kitchen and borders the living room.

     The kitchen is the workhorse and this is a strong one. One of my favorite things is the location of the utility sink just beyond the pocket door in the picture above. This essentially gives the kitchen two sinks which is very handy when preparing large meals as well cleaning up after one.
   These are custom made cabinets complete with pull-out drawer/shelves in the lower units. I installed these and hundreds of others over the years, and I can assure you there is a big difference between custom and modular cabinets.


    This is a master bathroom the ladies will love. Having been married to Elaine for 28 years and living with two teenage daughters, I have come to the conclusion that women spend a fair amount of their lives in the loo. This bathroom was designed to make the serious business of visual preparation as well the other duties performed in the bathroom as luxurios and comfortable as possible. It features a 5' x 5' walk-in mud set shower. 

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