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    Since we built his parents home in 2002, you could say that Russ and Joylene Neumiller are second generation DeerHart customers.  I have already built their new custom home on my computer. It is a 2200 square foot rancher with a daylight basement and an over-sized garage. It is going on a beautiful 10 acre parcel only a few miles away in the Saltese area.
      After drawing up a full set of plans from the model and working out a budget, we are ready to go to work with them building the home they will raise their two young daughters, Katelin and Makkena.


             The day after the hole was dug, the rain started pouring. Being clay soil, it soon flooded and we had to dig a drain trench to get the foot of water out of the daylight back wall. We lost probably two weeks and so now it is time to make up for lost time.


                Russ took some time off to help tamp the compact-able soil we brought in and to put in a french drain around the perimeter.


                  My cousin, Dan Swanson, and my son, Eli, had the slab down in no time and lumber was dropped the next day.


                 Now I get to build the house in the real world with my own two hands and the help of my crew. Given the 90-degree days we have had so far, I kind of miss the comfort of my office. But this is a great challenge and rewarding phase that I am eager to tackle.


        Elaine, on the other hand, was none too eager on the 95-degree day she helped compact the area in the garage next the house where the foundation was 9' deep. It had to come up all the way to the top, 7 inches at a time. The job is done and ready for another concrete slab by Dan and Eli.
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