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Hitchhiker Does Good

   While Duke Fette was raised in Munster,Texas and related to the Lenhertz brothers, he was a good bit younger and only knew a few of the nine children from that family who were his second cousins. "I joined the Navy and got stationed over at Whidbey Island," he said, "When I heard they were over in Spokane I decided to come see them on leave and so I hitchhiked over about 3 times."
   "After I got out, I had a wanderlust and so I threw my stuff in a vehicle and plowed up here," Duke said, adding that he was looking for work. But Don Lenhertz, one of the brothers who owned the Longhorn could not give him a job.
   " I remember he showed up and I didn't really know him, but I let him stay with us and I got him a job at the Holiday Inn." Don said, adding that it was not long before the owner of that hotel called him up to complain. " The guy asked if Duke was working for us or him because one of Duke's jobs was to pick customers up from the airport and he would drive them by our Airway Heights restaurant and tell them we had the best food in Spokane."
   It was not long before they found a spot in the kitchen for Duke at the the Longhorn and put him to work. Eventually he worked up to being a partner and then buying them out. Duke still owns the production plant on Montgomery with Dave Lenhertz.
   "We ship our ribs and sauce all over the West," he said, " those California stores don't mess around. They buy 40,000 pounds of ribs at a time. We sell them in 20 pound boxes and come summer time, you better have a lot of ribs ready to go."

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