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Don Campbell said:   May 9, 2011 1:01 pm PST
Craig & Elaine: Wow! What a nice website! I am really impressed with all the "Special Touches" you have put in here. Makes it very interesting, friendly and informative. Good Job! Don Campbell - The HOME COACH Windermere 509-999-5545

Janet Scott said:   February 3, 2011 8:23 pm PST
I love to look at your artistic designs on all of your homes. I will definatley hire Craig and Elaine to build for me! Beautiful homes, sincerely, Janet Scott

Crystal Swanson said:   January 16, 2011 11:59 pm PST
Your website looks awesome! Love you tons!

Kodiak Butler said:   December 9, 2010 4:02 pm PST
It's kind of entertaining to see a website that mentions both my grandfather and great uncle so prominantly. My grandfather is Lee Robbins, and Howie is his brother. So what did all you guys play in corps? I'm bass and tenor.

Yasmine Cortier said:   November 9, 2010 2:06 am PST
Thank you so much Elaine and Craig for your support of Cobra Quick and definitely for your support at my shows over the years much love and support back to you as well. Yasmine

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