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The Bernheine Home

  The building process on this home was a collabrative process with us and Jeff and Julie Bernheine.
  They worked countless hours doing such major tasks as backfilling and compacting all the earth around their home with a Bobcat, shovel and Wacker.
   Jeff worked closely with the excavator and HVAC contractor overseeing the installation of the geothermal heating system.
     Together they installed 1,000 square feet of tile flooring as well as all their back splashes and master soaker tub. If all that were not enough, they also went out back and put up a cyclone fence around their gigagantic back yard.
   They pretty much worked every weekend together on the house for six months and Jeff was there for a few hours every day after work. They put in a ton of time but saved thousands of dollars and have something they will reap the benefits from for years to come.


 I started work on the footings on April 12th and the basement was done on the 20th.
As construction moved along, Jeff took care of several tasks himself.


   Jeff installed the french drain around foundation, attached the window wells and backfilled the entire foundation with my Bobcat. In the areas that would eventually be covered with concrete like the garage and patios, he had to compact the earth with my Wacker in 8" in layers. It was a huge job and on weekends he would run the Bobcat while Julie wrestled with the Wacker. Now that is a woman worth keeping around.


   It didn't matter if it was pouring rain, Julie was there to move lumber in the mud and the muck. She helped with the wiring and in the last picture she waits patiently for Jeff to get out of her way so she can spread the load of gravel he brought her as they prepped the front porch for concrete.



      Eventually, Jeff let her do some fun work like tiling around the soaker tub where she can now enjoy a nice bubble bath or two.


    She also has a wonderful kitchen with a walk-in pantry and a nice-sized laundry room with two closets and a utillity sink. 


    For entertaining they have a formal dining room and 20' x 32' covered patio. 

   Above the garage is the bonus room that Jeff was the most excited about. It features a view that takes in Tower Mountain, Mica Peak and extends all the way to Mt. Spokane. But Jeff and Julie did not do all this work just themselves....


                    The 1,000 square feet of tile floors and 
                    the huge fenced backyard were concessions
                    made for the benefit of the beloved pets.
                       And don't think these guys get kept out in the 
                    cold at night.


                                             I always wondered why they wanted such a big master bedroom for just the two
                                         the two of them, but it turns out it was just the right size for them and the kids.

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