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6 Manners You Should Expect from Your Spokane Home Builder

   Often home builders or remodelers will have something written up or a prepared speech to give their clients at the start of the process that is designed to get everyone on the same page. It is an orientation intended to set up guidelines of etiquette such as when it is O.K. to call or it might include tips like not talking on and on with the workers. It probably includes a rough time line and perhaps a list of small problems that may occur but need not be made into big ones. This kind of reality meeting can go a long ways in eliminating future frustrations and bringing expectations down to earth. Simply put, it is a pound of prevention. Read rest of article.

Why the Small Spokane Home Builder May Be Your Best Choice
There are three types of home builders building homes in America today. There is the "high end custom home builder", the "production builder", and the "small, hands-on builder". While there are variations and hybrids within these three categories, these are the basic types at work today. The trick for the prospective buyer is to identify which one is the best match for their pocketbook and home style demands. Read rest of article.

Saving Idea on Window Replacement
     The Yellow Pages are full of big ads in the "window" section featuring businesses from large corporations like Pella and Sears to medium-sized local companies that offer full service window replacement. The big ad itself is part of the reason a home owner may consider going another route that involves a little more homework but can save a lot of money.
Read rest of article.

7 Door Types, Their Uses and Drawbacks
It would be a gross understatement for me to say that I have set a thousand doors. The truth is that as a finish carpenter for more than 25 years and a home builder for 20, I have set thousands and in the course of my career , I have formulated my own personal opinions regarding the seven basic types. These include the single pre-hung, hinged door, the bi-pass door, the french door, the pocket door, the slider and the bi-fold and this short list encompasses pretty much every door you can select to put in your new home. Read rest of story.
Ryobi, All the Cordless Power You Need
   My career as a 50 year old carpenter spans an interesting period in the development and innovation of cordless power tools. I started out in the field just as Skil and a few others were coming out with the first 6-something volt models that we pros might now consider cordless, powerless and worthless but back then they were something we had to have. We were ignorant to the future then and only knew the freedom from cords they provided and what little torque they mustered made the world of hardware installation a better place to be. Read rest of article.

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