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     Unlike nearly all general contractors you might talk to, we respect and encourage the do-it-yourself  builder. 
 We see them as normal people who want invest their time in the construction of their next home, just like we want to on 
our next home. Unlike most in the business, we admire and appreciate the gumption and drive it takes to have that goal,
and we want to help to whatever extent we can.
       We also see that beyond general contractors, nearly everyone in the home building process looks at the do-it-yourselfers 
as newbies or amateurs which puts them at a disadvantage. In busy times, good subs often charge them more  and give them less priority. Supplies often don't give them any discount or sometimes don't even sell to the public.
    We can help even out the playing field.  When we are the general contractor on your job, you do what you want. You can use
any of our subs and suppliers or find your own. You can do whatever work you chose.
When we are not involved as overall general contractors, we can still make the process much smoother. Building new homes is
something we have done over and over and love helping others do it for the first time.

We Build Together Program

Why pay 10% - 20%  in general contractor fees when we only charge 7%?
How can we do it?
    *Low Overhead- we don't have a big office staff or even a big office. We work from our home in order to save you and us money. Also,we don't have project managers because we only do one or two projects at a time and so Craig is able to stay on top of things.
     *Craig is a Tradesman/ Home builder/Draftsman- this means Craig is doing much of the work on the project (foundations, formwork, framing, painting, finish carpentry...) and so he is making most of his living in this way.
     *The Customer helps-  to keep the general contracting fee low the customer must do a small amount of the work such as keeping the jobsite clean and doing some of their own research concerning customized products and services they may want in their home.
     Essentially, you get us for free:
     We get at least a 7% discount from all of our subcontractors and suppliers over what you would pay as a private customer. With us you get that discount plus you get our experience and guidance. We have an established relationship with all of our subs and suppliers that you can take advantage of. Feel free to find your own subs and suppliers, sometimes there are better deals out there. But with us us you know you can always fall back on our proven performers if yours might not come through. 

    You get our know-how
    Craig was put to work at 12 years old and have been working in residential construction ever since. His parents Dad brought him up in  the industry. They were builders and they started me him out at a very tender age cleaning up jobsites, levelling basements, running for material and whatever. They are still building for the same reason he is, they know what they are doing and are honest, hard-working Valley people.

This what our customers have to say:   

"We were very satisfied with Craig's work ethic and would gladly work with him personally in the future. He is honest and hard working.  He appreciates those who want to do elements of the project themselves, and accomodates their desires." Winston Wiggins

   “We chose Craig Swanson as our home builder after meeting with him, looking at some of the previous homes he has built and reviewing his very strong references. We are now at the framing stage of our construction and are thoroughly impressed with Craig and his subcontractors.  Craig is there when he says he will be and the project is running right on schedule. We are very glad we chose to work with Craig and Elaine Swanson for our custom home project!”
Kerri Gerkin

    "Working with Craig and Elaine has been an amazing experience.  The attention to detail in building our home and patience they have shown encouraging us to be hands on with the construction process has been nothing less than heroic!  I especially appreciate the "gentle guidance" they've given throughout this process.   This is our second "Craig built" home and hopefully our last,  but if not,  we would certainly be working with Craig and Elaine again." Julie Bernheine

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 Do-your-self Enablers  
    You can also use our services only to the extent you require to build it on you own. For example, one client whose new home plans I had drafted found it difficult to get timely service and good prices in the very start of his project and so he decided to use us to get him through the foundation phase. (He actually paid less for his concrete by using me.) Another client recently used us only through the loan and permitting process. 

 Full Service Home Builders

   For the customer who just wants their home improvement or new construction project done right and at a fair price but doesn't have time to get involved beyond making choices, we can do that. Typically our fee is cost plus 12%.

 Plan Designers and Construction Consultants

   We can also just help you get the ball rolling and point you in the right direction.We can work up a set of plans and do a cost analysis. We  have established relationships with many subs and suppliers. Getting us involved with your project can tie you to them. For example, we are available to do your  scheduling and ordering which puts your project as our project in the eyes of the subs and suppliers.                

 Home Improvement Services

    Through the years we have done many remodel, deck, addition, and new shop types of improvements to our clients homes.
To learn more about them go to Home Improvement.
Check out "Carpenter Craig", our Building Blog .
Go to Gallery of Homes to view some Craig and Elaine's homes.
Find helpful articles Craig has written on home building and improvement in the Building Articles section.

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